December Newsletter 2018

President’s Message

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Let the bells of the season ring in everyone's ears! We have a special holiday meeting this month at the usual time. Although this meeting is not open for the general public, we do invite all members and their immediate family. Please bring a dessert or appetizer! Our usual pizza and beverages will be available as well.

This would be a great time to engage in informal discussion on bee matters. I am sure many of you have found out that if you ask 3 beekeepers a question you will come away with 5 answers to your situation. Coincidentally I expect the State President to have sent out the agenda for the State Board meeting which is scheduled to take place on the Friday after our meeting. Perhaps there may be some items of interest for all concerned.

Please congratulate our own Justin Luna for rolling out with an updated Website. Our ECBS Board overwhelmingly accepted his proposal recently and the results of his efforts can now be seen. This is the time to remember that this is your club. We are always accepting recommendations and future volunteers for service in any capacity. Do not hold back!

-Michael J Frey


ECBS Meeting Overview – 11/13/18

The ECBS Board of Directors met prior to the general meeting on November 13, 2018. We are truly fortunate that two members of our Society are eager to serve in the all-important position of Beekeepers Liaison, whose job is to coordinate and match experienced beekeepers who want to serve as mentors, with new beekeepers who need a helping hand in getting started and staying on top of things. We created a new Board position of Assistant Beekeeper Liaison, and Justin Luna, who sees to it that our newsletter goes out to the membership every month, is now our Director of Communications. Jean O’Day will serve as New Beekeeper Liaison, and Lisa Scordo will fill the position of Assistant New Beekeeper Liaison. Both Jean and Lisa will be actively involved in “filling the gap” between our excellent Short Course and the real-world of beekeeping, with all the many questions and issues that confront new beekeepers (and many seasoned ones too). For more information, please visit the updated website.

In order to become a mentor, you need a minimum of one year of experience. The new website has a form to be completed to apply either as a mentor or apprentice. It will be up to Jean and Lisa from there to coordinate members based on distance and needs.

Your name will be added to a list, and Lisa and Jean will assign mentors to apprentices living in the same area. We strongly recommend that if you’ve never taken a beginner’s course, you sign up for the ECBS course, which can now be accomplished through the updated ECBS website. It will give you a strong foundation and will help you become a better beekeeper, even if you have picked up some experience on your own.

We also discussed our annual holiday party, which will be held at the Garibaldi Hall on our regular meeting night of December 11, 2018. Landi Simone will be speaking on the preparation and participation in honey shows. The Society will be bringing in pizza and drinks for all to enjoy. Individual members are encouraged to bring a dish, pot-luck style, of anything they like, and/or a dessert. Festive drinks are welcome.

We had a full-house for Grant Stiles’s talk at our November meeting where he recounted his 40 years in beekeeping. We have some really great programs in the works for next year and look forward to seeing you.

-Charles M. Sporn, Secretary


Special Announcement!

Some months ago, I was given the responsibility of webmaster and faced a challenge in creating a website that was useful to ECBS members. I would like to take a minute to review its new features and how you can utilize them to become a better beekeeper and more active member within ECBS.

  • ECBS Information: Through the website you can now view the digitally scanned and enhanced historical documents, visit the NJBA site, become a member or renew membership, view current officers and their contact information, sign up for the short course, and view photos submitted by members. If you would like to submit a photo, visit the “Questions” page and click the “Upload Photos” button. These photos may be featured on the front page of the website or the public gallery.

  • Question: You may now submit questions of any nature through the website, to be addressed by our most experienced members. Once answered, both your question and response will be posted in the “Answers” section. If you’d like to enroll in our new mentorship program, simply complete the mentorship application and your information will be passed onto Jean O’Day and Lisa Scordo. To those currently enrolled, you will be assigned in the next few weeks as Jean and Lisa receive a complete list of interested mentors and apprentices. Have a suggestion? Unhappy with a program or interaction within ECBS? Complete the “Concerns” form to have those concerns and suggestions addressed by the board.

  • Newsletters: Past and future newsletters will be available through the website, in addition to all other documents utilized by ECBS, such as presentations.

  • Answers: In addition to member submitted questions, we will also be featuring articles written by our most experienced beekeepers. Currently, published is “What’s Going on with our Bees?”, “Flower Bloom Chart”, and “Rookie Mistakes”. You’ll notice there is a search bar on the “Answers” page, feel free to type what you’re looking for to see if it has already been addressed.

  • Calendar: All future meetings, with time, location, speaker, and date will be posted.

I hope you enjoy utilizing these new tools, as the board, and myself, have invested a considerable amount of time into ensuring our members all have a positive experience at ECBS. We will review the website and its features at the next meeting, just to make sure everyone understands its new functions and redesign. Until then, feel free to submit questions and poke around. I hope to see you all at our pot-luck!

-Justin Luna