January Newsletter 2019

During Our Last Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the holiday party! It was an absolute joy to celebrate the closing of another fantastic year of beekeeping in the company of such enthusiastic people! Landi’s talk on preparing for the honey show, as well as all previous presentations, are always available on the new ECBS website under “Document Archive”.

A new year of beekeeping means a new year of dues! As part of our shift to online renewal, I’ve created and attached a guide on how to renew your membership online. You may also use this guide to update your contact information, email, and primary chapter affiliation. Please check to make sure your membership is still valid. Anyone who has not renewed within 60 days will receive a notice before being removed from the mailing list.

Next week, mentors and apprentices will receive a notice detailing who they’ve been assigned to and accompanying contact information. All participants will also receive monthly emails to ensure the satisfaction of all active members. If, at any point, you are dissatisfied, would like a reassignment, desire to leave the program or simply provide input, feel free to reach out to Jean and Lisa. They are both responsive and helpful members who are committed to ensuring the success of mentors and apprentices!

There is no meeting for February as Essex will be holding its short course and NJBA will be holding the annual winter meeting. You may view all upcoming meetings, their locations, and time on the new ECBS website under “Calendar”. At our next meeting, Grant will be speaking on “Maximizing Honey Production”. I look forward to seeing you all there and hearing another informative presentation from Grant.

-Justin Luna


Mandatory Apiary Registration

Please be aware that, by law all overwintered colonies must be registered with the NJ Department of Agriculture. There are many reasons for doing this, but the primary one is disease control. If there is an outbreak of American Foulbrood, another contagious disease, or an entirely new pest, the State Apiarist will be able to track the disease and alert beekeepers who may be at risk. The information is only accessible to the State Apiarist and never shared. You may, elect to cross-register with the Department of Environmental Protection to be notified of pesticide spraying in your area that might impact your bees. This is strictly optional. Be aware that the DEP list of registered bee yards is available online to the general public. This list is used by licensed pesticide applicators, so they may notify beekeepers with apiaries within three miles of a scheduled chemical application. The link to register, renew, or edit is posted below as well as on the new ECBS website under “Apiary Registration”. Please make sure this information is current; it helps all of us NJ beekeepers maintain healthy, happy bees!

Link: https://www24.state.nj.us/AG_Apiary/ApiaryApp!!

-Landi Simone