Looking for help with your bees or have a bee-related question?  Please complete the form below to submit a question to Essex’s senior, most experienced beekeepers.  Their response will be posted for all members to learn from.  Please provide as much detail as possible. If it is possible to submit photos, please submit those using the form below.

Name *
Hive Details (If Applicable)
Please indicate how many boxes and their size. Such as: three 10-frame mediums OR 8-frame double deep with two medium honey supers.
Please indicate type of treatment used, date of application, batch number, and before and after alcohol wash test results.
For each box on the hive, indicate approximately how many of those frames are more or less covered in bees. Such as: 8 deep frames of bees in bottom box, 6 medium frames of bees above.
Please indicate, approximately, the number of frames containing nectar or honey and their size. Such as: 3 deep frames of honey in bottom box, 8 medium frames of nectar above.

Submitting Photos

When seeking help with an issue within the hive, please attempt to submit as many photos as possible. An especially useful photo is of the brood nest. In order to achieve this image, please remove a frame or two from the center of the brood nest, shake off most of the bees into the hive, and photograph those frames. If there is a concern that the hive has become diseased, please attempt to get as close as possible to the frame. Members looking to upload photos to share on this site, may also submit photos here.